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Brookings Flyover 15-1

What is it that draws people here to live, work & play? A good place to start is its natural beauty.

Brookings Flyover 92

Another place to look is at industry and the jobs it provides. Brookings is fortunate to still have several lumber mills. What I find interesting is the global connection as the mill’s output goes into lumber products for markets around the world.


Green 4H 7

Another good economic leg is agriculture.

Hilltop 2

The area has a broader base of ag than with just cattle.  There are sheep ranches, row crops and most dominant, Easter Lily bulb farms.


Saturday On The Chetco 27

Last but not least, the region is known for its fishing, which at times allows for other activities.

Low Tide


Low Tide Still Life - Very Still

Great time to visit the tide zone when the ocean rolls back. Note the little specks on the barnacles – each of them is alive too. Enjoy the revealed beauty.

Two Too

It’s a bird twofer, but when the rocks are revealed, it’s the starfish that are abundant.

Low Tide 1

 Sensuality and the sea.

Oyster Catchers

 Low tide is feast time for our very seasonal Black Oystercatchers.

Starfish Clan

A colorful cluster of starfish. Above or below the waterline Pelican Bay National Park has so much to offer.

Good Beach For A Walk

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Good Beach For A Walk 41.992539, -124.209052


Breaking For Home

First Light At Yontocket

We have a photography rich environment close to home: redwoods, dunes, wild rivers, rocky shores and wetlands. This  fog touched image is near one of those unnamed wetlands that help the lower Smith River breathe.


Yontocket Cemetery

This shot was taken nearby at Yontocket. Yontocket was the site of an Indian massacre in 1853 and is now a Tolowa Indian burial ground.


Coastal Plains

The coastal plains supports more than wetland and wildlife. Beyond the row of low trees that mark the meandering Smith River, there is a ribbon of farmland. 99% of all Easter Lily plants start their lives here as bulbs. The bulbs are are grown to specific sizes then shipped out to greenhouse growers all over North America. Normally Easter Lilies bloom in the summer but growers make sure to hit the moveable Easter holiday with a spring bloom.

Yontocket, California. Camping can be found in either Crescent City, CA or Brookings, OR

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Yontocket, California. Camping can be found in either Crescent City, CA or Brookings, OR 41.907500, -124.198889