Monster’s Lair

I sent a preview of the image below to a few friends. I got this in return.
New and improved in so many ways.

Hey Greg, this would go great on somebody’s grandchild’s wall as a big print : > )

Praying for a better week for all.

Modern Apple Orchard

As the apples sway in the breeze, they bump against the ledger lines that are stung exactly like sheet music. Each ledger line is actually tightened in between measures (like music, that’s what arborists here call the posts: measures). Each ledger is tuned to a certain harp like frequency. As the wind, wire and fruit gently mix with each other, there is music in the air.


Things you usually never see.
At a 2 hour stop in Haines I am walking the shore aft of our ferry and find this hunk of bearskin floating in the water and move with a stick on to a bed of autumn grass.
Guess this would be greed on exhibit. When I asked one of the deckhands later about this, he said poachers are after the gall bladder. He also said to notice the deeper red flesh mostly above the dark hole. That’s tissue damage from the shockwave of the bullet. I had no idea.