Cedar Creek Grist Mill

Not just a working grist mill but also a refurbished covered bridge are awaiting your discovery not far outside Woodland, Washington. The mill dates from 1876, the bridge, 1994.

Closed when we were there, you can check ahead when the mill is open and operational. http://www.cedarcreekgristmill.org

There was once a dam just up creek so that water could be easily diverted to the mill. Over time the building fell into disrepair and the state fish and game department removed the dam. When the rebuilding of the old structure began in 1980, a flume was added that traveled 650 up the creek to a point where water could be easily diverted.

Not all beauty was man made. Our early spring visit gave us a look at the softly fragrant Bleeding Heart flower.

Ever seen a Dipper? They literally bob and dip their heads as they assess food choices. They can grip rocks and walk down into the water even to the point of going underwater. They dive and swim underwater in their search for grub or insects. =It must have been break time – he’s on one foot.

Cedar Creek Grist Mill

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Cedar Creek Grist Mill 45.938400, -122.583000

Aspen Dahling

Because it was a successful mining town long before it became a jet-set favorite, there are many old and classic buildings from its time as a mining capitol.

I couldn’t decide if this beauty was old or a just well done new facsimile.

The Wheeler Opera House is old and authentic. Only wish it had been open to take a peek inside.

Just about any high end brand was represented here – Dior and Gucci live side by side inside the appropriately named Brand Building (1891). Yes, it’s an expensive town but it didn’t cost us a thing to just wander around. 

There was a fair amount of art scattered about. There was a sizable memorial garden to John Denver as well.

Well, we almost got through town without spending any money. The gelato was excellent, by the way.