Matt’s Christmas Eve

I don’t know Matt but Christmas Eve coming back from church this stood,

the only brightness in the cemetery. Passed by again today and again stopped.

That’s how I know this was Matt, by those who signed the back.

What it brought to mind

was that so many people that I knew,

that you knew

and that the world knew left the world in 2020 for Celestial Rest.

Oh Lord, Hear Our Prayers For Them.

Looney Lunenburg

Mahone Bay Market

Several years ago we briefly visited the colorful village of Lunenberg, Nova Scotia. Charming and quirky, here are a few images from our time there – just in time for Halloween.

Who knows what madness lurks….
Pablo Lunenburg
The pastor and his wife
Yes, Prince Harry. It IS Canada after all.
Lunenburg Waterfront is full of color
All the guides were costumed for our tour. Great little town with a warm heart.