Dormition Abbey

This image is from Dormition Abbey, a Benedictine monastery at the edge of Old Jerusalem.

Tomorrow, Saturday, in the Catholic faith marks the celebration of the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady.

For those who are curious, this is one item of faith that is in our catechism that is left somewhat open ended. Doctrine has it that Mary was assumed into heaven. However it may have occurred near Ephesus in Turkey or it may have occurred in Jerusalem.

The Abbey itself is only about 100 years old and is built on the site of the ruins of a Byzantine Abbey (also dedicated to Mary). Under THAT is said to the ruins of the Cenacle – the room where the Last Supper was celebrated.

In Jerusalem there are a number of places that scholars and archeologists argue over about the exact positioning of certain events. Given that Old Jerusalem takes up only 1/3 of a square mile, one thing that can’t be denied is that there is no other place on earth that contains so much foundational history of Christianity, Judaism & Islam.

Eastern Rite Good Friday

The Eastern Rite celebrates Holy Week and Easter based on the Julian calendar

This is St James Cathedral of the Armenian Catholic branch of the Eastern rite in Old Jerusalem. Their church calendar begins on September 1 and not the first Sunday of Advent as is used by the Western church. As a part of their Good Friday liturgy the death of Christ is represented by this beautifully decorated “casket”.