So You Want A Little Winter Do You?

Some places are complaining of unusual winter weather. Just in case you haven’t had your snow yet, here’s a quick trip up the east flank of Lolo Pass in western Montana.


The same guy who had an eye for how beautiful this stone fence (above) would look as he added this and that to it, also had an eye for eye catching signage (below).





It is an oversimplification I’m sure, but it there seemed to be two kinds of ranches as I drove along. Old, above, and new below, both have a beauty.


3 thoughts on “So You Want A Little Winter Do You?

  1. Love the Lolo Pass where one of our favorite campgrounds sits just west of the pass. Thanks for the glimpse of winter wonderland!

  2. I’ll enjoy the snow through your pictures. There is a reason I live in Southern California where we enjoy 80 degree temps in December and January!

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