Fur Sale

Fur Rack

To some this may be an off-putting scene but for much of early America’s history, these furs are a prime reason why America became settled. Fur represented warm clothing and survival; everyday wear and even high fashion. The lowly cowhides were used in everyday living (as they are today). They were sought after and merchants and manufacturers paid well to obtain them.

Bridger Fur

Jim Bridger was a man who was synonymous with the term “fur trader.” But broader still was the legacy of where he explored. He was the first white man to see the wonders of Yellowstone and the Great Salt Lake. He counted as his friends Kit Carson, George Custer and John Sutter. He knew the Rockies from Colorado to beyond the Canadian Border. His exploration and advice resulted in  today’s paths over the Rockies – I-80 and the Union Pacific followed the trails he blazed. His name graces towns in both Wyoming and here in this little town: Bridger, Montana.

Bridger, Montana

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Bridger, Montana 45.295781, -108.913754



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  1. They didn’t get them all! I still see their relatives along the roads and rock piles chaseing mice and gray diggers. Power to them WALT

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