Jerusalem Posting 3

Pilgrims with Humor

All is not seriousness and conflict in the Old City. This priest and one of his pilgrim had a little fun with his group.

Putin Pub

Run by (and mostly for) Russians, the name sure stops you.

Kosher McDs

Mikey Ds wants you to know they fit in in Jerusalem. Of the 180 or so McDonald’s in the state, 50 are kosher. So if you were looking for a cheeseburger, you’d have to make sure that outlet is non kosher.


Like many other cities, Jerusalem has its Segway tours but with all the steps and narrow alleys they are not practical for touring inside the Walled City.

Funny Sign

I was very happy to read this but I still don’t know what it meant.

After Passover Trash

Of all the services most needed after Passover was trash removal. They were full to overflowing around the city. These bins were along a pedestrian mall and were deceptive – most of the trash was held underground then the whole structure was lifted by a crane truck and dumped into a larger truck. The part of the receptacle that sits aboveground is made to be bomb proof.

One thought on “Jerusalem Posting 3

  1. Well that’s an eclectic collection of city life. Like most cities, with the exception of the bomb-proof trash bins.

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