World Capital of Apples

Where? In Wenatchee, Washington. If the region isn’t now the world’s apple capital then it is certainly the apple processing and storage capital of the state.

Though apple orchards dominate, pears and cherries round out the Wenatchee growing area (which follows the Columbia and its tributaries). We caught things at every stage between bare and leafed out.

This gorgeous quilt was at the Wenatchee Apple Center. In previous visit we got to tour one of the packing plants and were astounded at the unending volume of fruit that paraded from truck to clean to sort to bin and off to storage.

An apple for every taste and purpose.

Fire? No, this is one of the stages of prepping orchards for the fruit to come. We saw a variety of sprayers and rigs out being used in the last few weeks as we toured central Washington. We also saw a variety of protective gear being used from none to complete suits and masks.

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