Beebe Springs Wildlife Preserve

It isn’t a very big place, just 200 acres next to the Columbia River but it was alive with more than wildlife. There was no attrition on this beautiful iron sculpture so I know nothing about the it or the artist. Note that the ‘white space’ in the horse is actually artwork that could stand on its own.

A last look at our Indian. This time what he was venerating in the previous image, the salmon, is visible.

This Osprey turned right by me and I caught him looking back at me. These birds have very forward set eyes which isn’t always visible when they fly by.


Wrens? Sparrows? Anybody help me out? Saw them coming and going from this prickly bush – a good place for a nest.

More iron artwork. These two pieces were part of a 4 piece set piece. Fish from the river, camas bulbs from the earth: there was enough bounty to sustain the tribes year around.

Male merganser lifts off. He was quite anxious as the osprey flew around the pond. Once an apple orchard, the Beebe Springs Wildlife Preserve has been man made into a near perfect habitat for many creatures.

Beebe Springs

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Beebe Springs 47.819840, -119.972248

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