Alicante – Cristianos vs Moros

There is almost some kind of festival going on in Spain every day. In Alicante and in many other Southern Spanish cities, there is a multi-day festival that commemorates the recapture of Christian Spain from the Moors.

Celebrations and parades happened over a couple of nights that I saw. A bit like Mardi Gras, each neighborhood has it’s “krewe.”

Full of color, sound, fireworks and even fire breathers, it’s a visual feast.


Guessing that the Moors were in blue and Christians in red. Go Red : > )

3 thoughts on “Alicante – Cristianos vs Moros

  1. The Moors certainly are more into makeup and glitz than the Christians! I do like those belts and purses the Christian ladies have. This brings back memories of Mardi Gras in New Orleans; thanks as always for helping me see the big, wide world!

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