Commerce Gem

You’ve seen the signs: “Gem Faire Today” or “Craft Show This Weekend” at fairgrounds and auditoriums all around. Thought it might be fun to see just what makes them so popular. For me, it was the color and patterns of some of the object.

Some items are ready to go with shaping and polishing done before the show. Others, below, bring true wonders of natures with crystals and stones that have taken decades or eons to grow.

Some rocks and gemstones are carefully carved and posed. Some, below, border on whimsey and humor. Fun too, to watch it all through my 9 year old grandson – a very inquisitive boy. Yes, he bought some fossil poop.

2 thoughts on “Commerce Gem

  1. I love looking at those things for a number of reasons! The Fossil Poop would be hard to resist!! Good eye as always, Bill.

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