This Old House

We spent very little time in Spike’s home town (Snoopy’s brother was from here) in Needles, California. The erosion of jobs, the relentless heat of summer and the remoteness has caused no small amount of decay here. The torn curtains, broken and barricaded windows and missing trim of this abandoned house are a microcosm of how much of the town appeared to us. The railroad and seekers of the history of Route 66 still keeps Needles alive, but barely.

4 thoughts on “This Old House

  1. I recall passing through, Airstream in tow, temp was 122 deg. Heat of summer is definitely an understatement!

  2. I’ll bet this little home was a beauty back in its glory days. And I am sure there are many memories floating around inside as well as in that yard.

  3. We called the town “Needless,” when I drove through with the St. Mary’s College debate team back in 1965 on our way to Arizona!!

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