Low Tide


Low Tide Still Life - Very Still

Great time to visit the tide zone when the ocean rolls back. Note the little specks on the barnacles – each of them is alive too. Enjoy the revealed beauty.

Two Too

It’s a bird twofer, but when the rocks are revealed, it’s the starfish that are abundant.

Low Tide 1

 Sensuality and the sea.

Oyster Catchers

 Low tide is feast time for our very seasonal Black Oystercatchers.

Starfish Clan

A colorful cluster of starfish. Above or below the waterline Pelican Bay National Park has so much to offer.

Good Beach For A Walk

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Good Beach For A Walk 41.992539, -124.209052


9 thoughts on “Low Tide

    1. I hadn’t either until driving down behind the Nautical Inn and seeing an unassuming dirt parking area. The signs for announcing the park are scattered thru the parking. The State does nothing to maintain it.

  1. Oh wow! The next best thing to being there. I can almost get a whiff of that unique ocean smell….. LOVE that photo of the starfish on the barnacles!!!

    1. Thank you. The camera makes some difference certainly but the optics and finishing techniques likely count for more. I have a Nikon D3S with a series of prime lenses. I credit the glass for sharpness. I see you are out moving around the country too. Where are you headed next?

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