4 thoughts on “It Is Still 9/11

  1. Listen my dear freind .
    If I haven’t been visiting the 9/11 memorial last February I’m not sure i could appreciate this very powerful and meaningful photo!
    This is n outstanding one.

    In my view as n Israeli who familyer with memorials, the 9/11 is a must visit to every human on earth!!
    Shana Tova my freind.

  2. We must remember and learn from the past, strive in the present for truth and justice, and seek to create a safer future for all.

  3. Airstream excursion to NYC next year. I am pretty certain what my reaction will be when visiting the Memorial for the very first time…lots of tissues will be brought along.

  4. Several years ago we spent a night in the hotel room overlooking the 9/11 memorial. I couldn’t sleep well because I kept getting up to look down on it. My emotions were out of control, but it was an incredible night. Inspiring place.

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