9 thoughts on “Everyone’s Heart Will Be Healed

  1. Mr Ferry, please allow me to send this to Jim in Heaven. This 19th Day of June, 2020, is the 3rd year of his soul leaving my arms to take the stairway to Heaven. I was so pleased to see this posting this evening. It even stopped some of my tears and put a smile on my face. He went with dozen’s of Blue Butterflies. Someday, I’ll share the True Story with you.. He was broken and ready. Thank you . God Bless

  2. Our Lord’s face glows with serenity and the peace that passes all understanding. Through Him, our Father God has lovingly embraced us, as evidenced in his cradling hand. And Jesus has taken all our cares into His heart to heal all brokenness, for He Himself was broken to mend us all. Lovely, oh so lovely!

  3. I like this. The vibrant heart stands out in contrast. Beautiful testiment to this holy day. Thanks, Bill.

  4. Thanks, Bill, for teaching us more about the Sacred Heart. It has become one of my favorite devotions. I spent a lot of time looking through all of the art you share with us, and I want to see more as time goes by. You have sure been around and seen more of this country than I, and I thought I had seen quite a bit. Every new scene is a blessing especially when our eyes are ‘opened.’ Only God can do that. This scripture from St
    Paul (2 Cor 4:7) is so valid: “We have a treasure, then, in our keeping, but its shell is of perishable earthen ware; it must be God, and not anything in ourselves that gives it its power.” Thanks for everything.

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