3 thoughts on “Korean War Armistice Day

  1. War memorials. Devices to help us remember war. For years I have wondered about humankind’s fascination with “graven images.” For me, I suppose story telling one person to another would be a better way to remember. Especially in light of a warning to humankind about “graven images.” Now, there is a backlash in the U.S.A. against certain of these images. In fact, in Portland, OR the recent protesters have sprayed graffiti onto a statue of an Elk. And, the base was set on fire. The statue was removed.

    This brings me to Mt. Rushmore (and other “monuments”). I say return the Black Hills to the Native Americans; photograph the “graven images” and then bid them farewell. Allow the rightful “owners” to re-sanctify the area if possible-perhaps the attempted burning of the Elk might serve as a possible methodology-although I would suggest explosives.

    Perhaps Bill the photographer might see “the handwriting on the wall” and beat feet up to Mt. Rushmore for some final photographs….just sayin’.

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