12 thoughts on “October Rose

  1. So sad that our beloved Bill will not be able to experience another October with us. We miss you, dear friend.

    Michael and Robin

  2. Some friends stay with us no matter what, Bill is one! He’ll be in my heart forever until we meet again. Beth is prayed for daily and all eventually will be well with G-d.

  3. Blessings to the friends and family of Bill. May peace be with them, and may he Rest In Peace in the loving arms of our Lord.

    May he inspire us to get vaccinated against Covid that has claimed 700,000 lives. May his passing along with the 699,999 others continue to compassionately remind us that we are all in this together…

  4. A good friend never leaves us.. Bill will linger in my heart and thoughts until we meet again. I’ll see you down the road, Bill.

  5. I sure miss Bill, and his beautiful insightful posts. He was one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable. His passing is still an open wound, that will eventually fade to a scar, but remain with us for life. He was indeed an inspiration, in many ways. Only God knows why he left us at this time. Blessings to all of you, his tribe.

  6. Bill, This is so sudden and I will miss you. I really hate it when one of my friends just up and leaves me. I am going to miss you so much and our emails because I don’t email with too many people but I loved your posts and making friends with you and Beth on our Italy trip. Watch over Beth and all your friends because I know that you are going to heaven.

  7. Bill, I still miss you as keenly as the day I heard you had moved to your eternal home. The heavens are rejoicing, while we still on earth are grieving. You will remain a very true friend through that eternity. And I know we will see you again! I can only imagine what you’re gifted photographers eye and your beautiful flowing words are producing now!! Perhaps we will get to see it! Love you, and our love goes to your sweet Beth and kiddos! Soon, Bill, SOON. ❤️ Becky and Tom

  8. I wish to add to this thread of heartfelt, very eloquent expressions of loss, of love, of sadness, of friendship, of how much of a treasure Bill still is to all of us. I want to agree with and say “YES” to each sentiment here. Hugs, and prayers to dear Beth. What a perfect balance she was for Bill. God created a great team in their marriage. I, too, believe Bill was one-of-a-kind and I’m so thankful he crossed paths with my husband Norm and I.

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