Tooting My Horn

This blog has always been fun to do, especially with all the interactions you, the viewer, provide. This post though contains two images that organizations outside the blog have chosen for exhibit elsewhere.

The first one “Morning Meditation” was chosen for inclusion in ArtPrize. ArtPrize is certainly Michigan’s biggest show of the year and draws artists from around the world. There are hundreds of artists showing in several hundred venues in the downtown of Grand Rapids. I’ve been chosen by a prominent bank at downtown’s ground zero for foot traffic. It will hang facing outward in a large window on the street. The venues are meant to bring art to where people are, not behind closed doors.

This Fall “DesertTed” will hang at the 8th Catholic Arts Biennial at the Verostko Center for the Arts at St. Vincent College, outside Pittsburg, Pa. I’m honored to be chosen. There were 360 submissions and only 53 selected for the show. I received an Honorable Mention here two years ago and was surprised that they selected one of my images again.

Madame Selfie

We were at the Santa Barbara Mission a couple months ago and wandered the grounds. I spotted this artwork and thought “Mother and Child” might make a nice composition. I processed the image overall then got ready to zoom in to enhance the painting. Turns out she was holding a mirror, hence today’s title.