Christmas is oh, so close. Of all of the 15 or so trees that were decorated for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Charity Dinner and Auction, this tree was most faithful to the real meaning of Christmas and one of my favorites.

BTW, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Island County grossed over $150,000 for this event. An impressive amount.

HarkHark The Herald Angels

Bet after reading the name of this tree, “Hark, The Herald Angels Sing”, you’ll hum a verse or two through the day. (Whether you want to or not : > )

Hark The Herald Angels-2

Found a website offering a number of free online radio stations that feature Christmas music if you want more.

Ersatz Christmas

Mr. Merriam-Webster has ersatz as “being a usually artificial and inferior substitute or imitation.” I can only add that if these had been the only trees seen at the Big Brother/Big Sister benefit, thinking that the Grinch had stolen the rest of them would have been an easy conclusion.

Ersatz Christmas

However, if the goal was to add a bit of humor to the room then they succeeded. Not only the idea of “I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas Tree” provide a smile, so did some of the decorations. I’m sure you all know the connection between black dragonflies and Christmas, so please tell me too.

Ersatz Detail

Not to be outdone, the “Speakeasy/Prohibition Tree” was nearby. This one might not be such a stretch given the span of years that Prohibition covered (1920-33). Though few are alive from that era, it made many a Merry Christmas a little less so for some.

Speakeasy Detail

 Speakeasy Christmas