The View From Heaven’s Back Porch

My apologies for the problems some of you had with Tuesday’s post. Hopefully that problem has been fixed.

Yesterday’s post hinted at the spectacular show going on right now in the deserts of Southern California. The pictures below were all taken from a recent visit to the Borrego Springs, California area. It was unlike anything we had ever experienced. God is Good. (Click to enlarge)

Living Desert Museum

We came (but not at THIS time of year) to what is now called The Living Desert Garden and Zoo in Palm Desert California. In the past I liked it as a place to see and understand the beauty of the desert. The focus is no longer about the desert.

They now have a huge model railroad layout with what must be miles of track through any number desert and non desert landscapes. This could have been a stand alone exhibit that drew its own crowds. However, it didn’t lack for humor as you can see (below).

It was hard to reconcile a zoo with the desert. As magnificent as a Cheetah is, it isn’t native to any of our deserts. We happened to be there during feeding time. Can you see the ball of meat the animal is waiting to catch?

With a zoo comes the facilities needed to care for them. There were two very modern buildings – one for large animals and one for small.

Something that was a hit for kids was the feeding station for giraffes. Had no idea they had such long tongues.

We ended up back on the original grounds of the museum where the flora and fauna was much more representative of our American deserts. Glad they didn’t change this part.

This Old House

We spent very little time in Spike’s home town (Snoopy’s brother was from here) in Needles, California. The erosion of jobs, the relentless heat of summer and the remoteness has caused no small amount of decay here. The torn curtains, broken and barricaded windows and missing trim of this abandoned house are a microcosm of how much of the town appeared to us. The railroad and seekers of the history of Route 66 still keeps Needles alive, but barely.