Peril Strait

Eldred Rock Lighthouse

Coming from the north on way to Peril Strait, the Eldred Rock Lighthouse is one of the few originally built lighthouses still standing. It is the only octagonal one in all of Alaska.


Every so often we’d be surprised to find somebody out traveling or working in such empty territory.

Peril Strait 1

Peril Strait is aptly named, as waters begin to narrow.

Peril Strait 2

At one point crewmen are stationed so as to confirm the buoy numbers. It is not pleasant duty.


Close In

Now southbound we parade softly pass an endless spectacle of  trees.

Days On The (Blue) Pacific


California, yes, but Baja California. On the second day, off the warm Mexican coast, it was time to put away the sweaters. With whales and porpoises abounding, we didn’t need fishing lines either.


Over our four days in open seas there were a number of schools of porpoises that frolicked near our ship. One large pod was very demonstrative. They would exit the water vertically and do back flips, slamming down into the water. Not sure what that was all about but it was sure a treat to see. Quick to emerge then disappear, they were hard to shoot.


Looking like a collision about to happen, this ship is close to dropping anchor at Cabo San Lucas. Though there are approximately 120 cruise ship arrivals here forecast for 2014, that number is down sharply from a peak of 418 in 2008.


Some folks like to go to Key West for sunsets. We are real happy on our balcony and out in the middle of relatively nowhere.